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to Frejasway. A place to find the finest Scandinavian ceramics and pottery. I've been living here in Denmark since May of 2007, and I love my new home and my new country. I was always interested in ceramic and porcelain art, but now I had a whole new world to explore: Royal Copenhagen, Nymolle, Rorstrand, Aluminia, Michael Andersen and Sons,Nils Thorsson, Gunnar Nylund, and countless other creators of art both aesthetic and useful. The Danes have the concept of "useful art", brugskunst in Danish. And there's art everywhere in Denmark, not just in museums.


But here I'll focus on Ceramics and Porcelain from all of Scandinavia. I hope you will enjoy your visit here and hope you'll want to bring home some of the beautiful creations I've run across. There's no telling what will show up, so come back often.


At the bottom of each page you will find a currency converter you can use to translate my Danish Kroner prices into your own currency. Exchange rates are very fluid right now and change from hour to hour, practically. You will also find the links to other pages there.


This site will be permanently under construction, so check back often for new items that have been added. Please add me to your favorite sites.


News at Frejasway

March 15, 2017


At last. I'm in the process of moving back into my home now. It took quite a bit longer than expected and there were some major setbacks along the way, but at last the worst is over. I am so glad to be back into my home. And glad to be able to say that Frejasway is open again. Thanks to everone who has been so patient and kind to me.


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